Author Guide

    The editorial board accepts articles in russian and english. The article size with 12pt double spaced font should be less than 16 pages.

    The authors should provide the following documents to the editorial board:

    1) A hard copy of the article (a printed version of the article with all the figures in the right places, all the tables and references) – 1 copy;

    2) Expert opinion on the possibility of publication – 1 copy;

    3) Publishing agreement – 1 copy;

    4) Electronic documents, including:

        - Electronic version of the article, exactly the same as the hard copy, in PDF format and in the format of the text editor which was used when typing the article (file names should be Familiya_full.pdf and Familiya_full.*). It is recommended to use any of the following file formats: * .doc, * .docx, * .rtf, * .tex;

        - A DOC file containing UDC, the article title with list of authors, their organizations and addresses, the abstract and keywords (YourSurname_ann.doc);

        - All the figures without captions (a separate JPG file for each figure: YourSurname_fig1.jpg, YourSurname_fig2.jpg etc.);

        - One file with captions of the figures (YourSurname_podpisi.doc);

        - A file with an information about the authors (YourSurname_authors.xls). The first one in the list is the author, who is responsible for a communication with the editorial board. The list contains author's surname, name, middle name (if exists), year of birth, E-mail address, contact phone number, postal address, academic degree, academic title, place of employment, job department, occupation.

    All electronic documents should be sent to:

    All hard copies and printed documents should be sent to the editorial board's postal address:

    Editorial Board of the “Vestnik Nacional’nogo Issledovatel’skogo Yadernogo Universiteta “MIFI” Journal (Department 242)

    National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

    Kashirskoe shosse, 31, Moscow, Russian Federation, 115409

    Please make sure that all submitted documents have been successfully delivered.

    When the article is ready for publication, an updated version (after proofreading) is sent to the authors by e-mail. The updated article should be reviewed by the authors and returned to the office as soon as possible. All authors' corrections should be clear and specific.

    After the release of the journal issue an electronic copy of the article will be sent to the authors.