2018. Volume 7, Number 6

Technical Physics
Reprocessed Uranium Re-enrichment in a Double Cascade of Gas Centrifuges Providing Its Complete Return to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
A. Yu. Smirnov, V. E. Gusev, G. A. Sulaberidze, V. A. Nevinitsa, P. A. Fomichenko
449 - 457
Differential Equations and Dynamic Systems
Reductions and New Exact Solutions of the Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Equations with a Nonlinear Source
A. D. Polyanin
458 - 469
Application of the Fuchs Indices for the Construction of Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations
N. A. Kudryashov
470 - 480
Stationary Dissipative Structures and Diffusion Chaos in a One-Dimensional Reaction–Diffusion System with Cubic Nonlinearity
N. A. Yakushkin
481 - 488
Reductions and New Exact Solutions of Convection–Diffusion Equations with Variable Coefficients
A. D. Polyanin
497 - 507
Analytic Properties and Nonlinear Dynamics of the FitzHugh–Nagumo Model for Two Coupled Neurons
S. F. Lavrova, N. A. Kudryashov, D. I. Sinelshchikov
508 - 514
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation
Numerical Simulation of Damage Evolution of a Metal at Treatement by High-Density Electric Current Pulses
K. V. Kukudzhanov, A. L. Levitin
515 - 524
Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Fraud Detection in Payment Data Based on a Discrete Wavelet Transform
A. Kh. Khuzin, S. V. Ktitrov, V. I. Kolpakov
525 - 530
A Gender Identification of Text Author in Mixture of Russian Multi-Genre Texts with Distortions Using Machine Learning Models
A. G. Sboev, D. V. Gudovskikh, I. A. Moloshnikov, R. B. Rybka
531 - 536
Using Machine Learning to Predict Overall Survival of Patients after Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases
G. A. Vazhenin, S. M. Banov, A. V. Golanov, P. N. Ryabov, A. V. Dalechina
537 - 544
Analytical Forecasting of Investment Performance in Multi-Unit Power Plants
V. V. Kharitonov, N. V. Kosolapova, Yu. A. Ulyanin
545 - 562
Comparison of Rate and Temporal Encoding on a Network with Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity Solving a Classification Task
A. G. Sboev, A. V. Serenko, R. B. Rybka, D. S. Vlasov
563 - 568