2015. Volume 4, Number 2

Differential Equations and Dynamic Systems
Analytical Properties of Solutions of Autonomous Systems of Nonlinear Third- and Fourth-Order Differential Equations with a Chaotic Behavior
V. V. Tsegel’nik
101 - 106
Some Methods for the Construction of Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Delay Reaction–Diffusion Equations with Varying Transfer Coefficients
A. D. Polyanin, A. I. Zhurov
107 - 118
Nonlinear Delay Reaction–Diffusion Equations: Exact Traveling Wave Solutions
A. D. Polyanin, V. G. Sorokin
119 - 126
Methods of Constructing Solutions of Nonlinear Nonintegrable Differential Equations
N. A. Kudryashov
127 - 134
Painleve Analysis and Exact Solutions for the Predator–Prey System of Equations with Diffusion
N. A. Kudryashov, A. S. Zakharchenko
135 - 143
Stationary and Translating Configurations of Point Vortices in a Plane
O. O. Ul’janova, M. V. Dyomina, N. A. Kudryashov
144 - 151
Self-Similar Solutions of the Gas Filtration Problem with the Forchheimer Law
N. A. Kudryashov, A. A. Kutukov
152 - 154
Automatics and Electronics
Simulation of the Single Event Effects in a 28-nm Multiport CMOS SRAM Cell
Yu. V. Katunin, V. Ya. Stenin
155 - 161
Reading of 28-nm CMOS DICE SRAM Cells During Single Event Transients
V. Ya. Stenin, P. V. Stepanov
162 - 170
Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Reconstruction of a Default Canonical Distribution from a Set of Individual Orientations on the SO(3) Rotation Group
A. S. Vishnyakov, T. I. Savyolova
171 - 178
Method for Approximate Determination of the Roots of a Cubic Equation with Positive Coefficients and Complex Conjugate Roots
V. V. Maslennikov
179 - 183
Algorithm for Management of the Target Motion of a Robot Bypassing Obstacles
R. G. Kozin
184 - 188