2015. Volume 4, Number 5

Technical Physics
Prediction of the Fatigue Curve Parameters of High Strength Steels in Terms of the Static and Microplastic Deformations of Samples
D. I. Shetulov, L. T. Kryukov, A. M. Myasnikov
381 - 388
Dependence of the Mechanical Properties of Sheets of Ferritic–Martensitic ODS Steels on Their Crystallographic Texture
Yu. A. Perlovich, M. G. Isaenkova, V. A. Fesenko, O. A. Krymskaya, P. L. Dobrokhotov, A. A. Nikitina
389 - 396
Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Analytical, Numerical, and Experimental Simulation of Tornado Flows
S. P. Bautin, I. Yu. Krutova, A. G. Obukhov
397 - 400
Mathematical Simulation of an Axial Texture and the Reconstruction of the Acuity Parameter from a Set of Individual Orientations
Yu. S. Ivanova, T. I. Savyolova
401 - 406
Stationary Magnetohydrodynamic Flows in Curved Coaxial Channels
E. V. Styopin
407 - 420
On Correct Boundary Conditions for the Asian Option Pricing Problem
A. V. Bogdanov, V. V. Mareev, E. A. Stepanov
421 - 422
Automatics and Electronics
Features of the Application of Classification Algorithms in Inspection Systems Based on Tagged Neutrons
R. R. Bestaev
423 - 431
Multiport CMOS Memory Cell Based on the DICE Trigger Divided into Two Groups of Transistors for a Hardened 65-nm CMOS SRAM
Yu. V. Katunin, V. Ya. Stenin
432 - 439
Cybernetics and Informatics
Synchronization of Parallel Processes on the Basis of Petri’s Networks with Operated Transitions
V. V. Krushny, P. V. Sagaydachnaya
440 - 446
Neural Model of Finite State Automaton Based on Hysteresis Microensembles
Yu. S. Prostov, Yu. V. Tiumentsev
447 - 453
Simulation-Analytic Model of a Distributed Informational System
Yu. G. Drevs, M. V. Zenkovich
454 - 457
Monitoring of Objects and Modeling of a Technological Process in the Decision Support System for the Development of a Network of Cryogenic Gas Filling Stations
A. A. Evstifeev, B. V. Shuvalov, E. G. Khachaturova
458 - 463
Efficient Algorithm of Pattern Recognition for the Identification of Car Numbers
S. D. Kulik, K. I. Tkachenko, A. A. Kondakov
464 - 468
Use of Simulation for Planning the Organization of the Computational Process on Digital Computing Systems
N. A. Shevchenko
469 - 472