2017. Volume 6, Number 3

Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Effective System of Maxwell’s Equations for a Composite Average Isotropic Medium with the Piecewise Constant Electromagnetic Properties of the Components
A. S. Kravchuk, A. I. Kravchuk
195 - 199
Technical Physics
Photogrammetric Method for Determining the Height of an Explosion
S. I. Gerasimov, V. A. Kikeev, I. A. Odzerikho, R. V. Gerasimova, I. I. Kanygin
200 - 206
Methods for the Assessment of Technical Condition of Spent Nuclear Fuel Casks
V. V. Abramets, D. A. Sednev, A. M. Lider, Ya. A. Salchak
207 - 213
Study of the Correspondence of Bullet Impact Test Conditions to Real Shooting
S. I. Gerasimov, A. V. Zubankov, V. A. Kikeev, I. A. Odzerikho, A. V. Salnikov, R. V. Gerasimova
214 - 220
Differential Equations and Dynamic Systems
Modeling of the Dynamics of a Poincare Map Generated by the One-Dimensional Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with a Periodic Potential
P. P. Kizin
221 - 230
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation
Simulation of the Formation of Dots and Holes by Ion-Beam Sputtering
M. V. Skachkov
231 - 238
Mathematical Scheme for the Estimation of a Two-Level Economic System
S. M. Brykalov, A. V. Kryanev
239 - 244
Forecasting of the Development of Economic Fronts with the Use of Statistical Methods
A. V. Putilov, A. V. Kryanev, D. E. Sliva
245 - 250
Automatics and Electronics
Hardware and Software Method of Unification of Test Equipment Systems for Space Electronic Payloads
Yu. I. Borisov, V. A. Belyaev, A. V. Nikiforov
251 - 255
Study of the Field Emission Characteristics of Multilayer Heterogeneous Cathode–Grid Devices in Pulse Control Modes
S. P. Maslennikov, A. N. Darmaev, D. A. Komarov, I. S. Maslennikova, S. P. Morev
256 - 261
Application of Vector Operations of a Microprocessor for Converting Numbers to a Numeral System with an Arbitrary Base
S. V. Ktitrov
262 - 266
Automation System for Testing Security Tools
V. S. Gorbatov, A. A. Meshcheryakov
267 - 273
Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Binary Choice Model with Varying Coefficients Based on B-Splines with the Optimal Basis
V. V. Seleznev
274 - 281
Mathematical Scheme for the Comparison of Economic Objects of a Two-Level Economic, System Characterized by a System of Indicators
S. M. Brykalov, A. V. Kryanev
282 - 286