2017. Volume 6, Number 5

Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Cascade Capture of High-Energy Charged Carriers on Screened Coulomb Centers in Semiconductors
T. T. Muratov
389 - 395
Technical Physics
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of the Laser Wavelength on the Efficiency of Dimensional Processing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
S. A. Kotov, N. A. Lyabin
396 - 404
Differential Equations and Dynamic Systems
Nonlinear Problems with Nonmonotonic Blow-Up Solutions: The method of Nonlocal Transformations, Test Problems, and Numerical Integration
A. D. Polyanin, I. K. Shingareva
405 - 424
Bifurcations of High-Mode Self-Oscillations in a Parabolic Equation with Small Diffusion and Deviation of the Space Variable
S. A. Kaschenko, D. O. Loginov
425 - 443
Inverse Problem for the Equation with n-Time Integrated Semigroup
D. G. Orlovskiy
444 - 448
Expansion of the Inverse Modified Bessel Function in Simple Fractions and Calculation of Special Infinite Sums Containing Its Zeros
V. B. Sherstyukov, E. V. Sumin
449 - 452
Automatics and Electronics
Expansion the Frequency Range of Active Biquadratic Sections Made on Operational Amplifier Chips
V. V. Maslennikov, G. M. Orzumamadov
453 - 457
Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Practical Specificity of Models of Software Reliability Exploitation
V. V. Gurov
458 - 465
Analytical Dependence Relating the Availability Factor and Performance Diagnosis of Complex Military-Technical Systems
I. V. Dorozhko, V. V. Kabakov
466 - 474
Adaptive Pedestrian Inertial Navigation System Based on Mobile Devices
I. A. Ovchinnikov, K. Ya. Kudryavtsev
475 - 480