2014. Volume 3, Number 1

Technical Physics
Physical–Technical Basics of Radiation Decomposition of Carbonates
V. V. Petrenko, P. A. Alekseev
5 - 10
Integrated Chemical-Ehermal and Laser Treatment of Structural and Tool Steels
G. A. Mishakov, A. I. Rodionov, A. M. Myasnikov
11 - 16
Rapid Method of Sintering of Oxide Functional Ceramics
B. M. Kerbel, L. M. Katsnelson
17 - 23
Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Computation of the “Regularized” Sums Containing Zeros of the Errors Integral
V. B. Sherstyukov, E. V. Sumin, M. M. Tishchenko
24 - 26
Smoothing Individual Orientations for the Central Normal Distribution on the Group SO(3) by Different Kernels
Yu. M. Aistova, T. I. Savyolova
27 - 30
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation
Statistical Simulation of Periodical Structure Formation on Surfaces of Plane Targets Undergoing Ion-Beam Sputtering
N. A. Kudryashov, M. V. Skachkov
31 - 39
Numerical Model of the Formation of the Quasiequilibrium of a Plasma in the Magnetic Field of Galateya Traps
K. V. Brushlinskii, N. A. Chmykhova
40 - 52
The Signal of Parameters Modeling of a Virtual Welded Process
V. V. Krivin, S. M. Vinichenko, I. O. Ishigov, V. A. Tolstov, N. V. Ermolaeva
53 - 57
Matrix of Response Functions for Xenon Gamma-Ray Detector
A. E. Shustov, K. F. Vlasik, V. M. Grachev, V. V. Dmitrenko, A. S. Novikov, S. N. Pyae, S. E. Ulin, Z. M. Uteshev, I. V. Chernysheva
58 - 62
Automatics and Electronics
Analysis of Production Mode Influence on the Potential Barrier Height of the Me/(SiC)_(1-x) (AIN)_x Structures
G. K. Safaraliev, N. I. Kargin, M. K. Kurbanov, B. A. Bilalov, Sh. M. Ramazanov, A. S. Gusev
63 - 67
Effects of Irradiation on Device Characteristics of Transistor Structures Based on AlGaN/GaN
N. I. Kargin, D. V. Gromov, A. L. Kuznetsov, M. M. Grekhov
68 - 70
Physics of Electron Beams and Accelerator Technique
Microwave Channel of a 40-MeV Electron Linear Accelerator
A. A. Zavadtsev, D. A. Zavadtsev, K. I. Nikol’skii, E. A. Savin, A. Yu. Smirno
71 - 77
Analysis of High-Frequency Deflectors Based on the Traveling and Standing Waves
A. Yu. Smirnov, O. A. Adon’ev, P. V. Binyukov, A. A. Zavadtsev, S. V. Matsievskii, E. A. Savin, N. P. Sobenin
78 - 84
Nuclear Power Engineering and Nuclear Technologies
Radiolysis of the Coolant and Methods for Ensure Explosion of Boiling-Water Reactors
A. S. Kurskiy
85 - 90
The Development of the Integral Version of the Neutron Resonance Transmission Analysis to Solve the Problem of Estimating Fissile Elements in Spent Nuclear Assemblies
A. V. Mitskevich, Yu. A. Korovin, A. A. Dogov
91 - 96
Treatment of Uranium–Thorium Fuel at Its Production Stage
A. A. Girchenko, E. M. Kudryavtsev, R. M. Shchepelev
97 - 100
Cybernetics and Informatics
Using Pseudo-Random Number Generator for Making Iterative Algorithms of Hashing Data
M. A. Ivanov, N. P. Vasilyev, B. L. Kozyrskiy, T. I. Komarov, A. A. Maksutov, M. M. Rovnyagin, A. A. Skitev, A. A. Spiridonov, I. V. Chugunkov, L. I. Shustova, S. V. Kutepov, O. V. Tarakanov, A. D. Babichev
101 - 106
Reducing of Memory Usage in Statistical Research into Pseudo-Random Number Generators by Validation Tests
I. V. Chugunkov
107 - 111
On Methods of an Increase in the Security of the Linux Kernel
I. V. Matveichikov
112 - 118
Construction of a Decision Tree in Linear Programming Problems
A. A. Kokuev, S. V. Ktitrov
119 - 124