2014. Volume 3, Number 2

Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Approximation of the Monoenergetic Photons Efficiency Registration for Semiconductor Germanium Detectors
V. M. Demin, A. A. Zvantsev, N. N. Mogilenets, V. S. Troshin, Yu. N. Hussein
133 - 136
Extraordinary Energy Production after Collision of Metallic Projectile with Solid Target
N. P. Kalashnikov, A. S. Ol’chak
137 - 140
Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Exact Solutions to Nonlinear Delay Reaction–Diffusion Equations of Hyperbolic Type
A. D. Polyanin, V. G. Sorokin
141 - 148
Non-Linear Dynamics of 1d Disturbances in the Gravity Field
V. G. Baydulov, O. V. Shcherbachev
149 - 157
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation
Influence of Ferromagnetic Defects on Magnetization Processes in Layered HTSC
V. A. Kashurnikov, А. N. Maksimova, I. A. Rudnev
158 - 166
The Study of Eccentric Vibrator
B. B. Baydyusenov, S. I. Gerasimov, V. V. Pisetsky, V. K. Filippov
167 - 171
Stability of Transverse Movement of High-Speed Objects on Rail Guides of the Rocket Track
S. V. Butova, S. I. Gerasimov, V. K. Filippov
172 - 176
Approximate Modelling of Chemically Reacting Gas Mixtures of Detonation Products
A. V. Krivosheev, D. Y. Okunev
177 - 183
Simulation of Supercritical Fluids: Testing of Equations of State
A. A. Anikeev, Y. A. Bogdanova, S. B. Viktorov, S. A. Gubin, A. V. Lyubimov
184 - 188
Automatics and Electronics
Application of FTIR Spectrometry to Determine the Atomic Composition of Submicron Silicon Nitride Layers HxSirNzHy
A. V. Kovalchuk, S. U. Shapoval, S. S. Lebedev, S. А. Steblin, А. V. Volosov, N. I. Kargin
189 - 200
High-Frequency Parameters of Graphene Field-Effect Transistors Modeling
G. I. Zebrev, D. K. Batmanova, E. V. Mel’nik
201 - 209
Investigation of Electron-Transfer Processes Speed and Effect of External Microwave Field on the Steady-State Current in Single- and Double-Quantum-Well InGaAs/AlAs/InP Resonant Tunneling Structures
S. A. Savinov, V. N. Murzin, V. V. Kapaev, A. L. Karuzskii, A. V. Perestoronin, V. I. Egorkin, S. S. Shmelev, E. M. Apostolova, G. B. Galiev, A. A. Gorbatsevich
210 - 218
Possible Applications of the Longitudinal Magneto-Optic Effect to the Measurement of the Profile of High Voltage Electrical Systems
E. S. Moloshnaya, O. V. Fomenko, J. E. Ulyanova
219 - 221
Nuclear Power Engineering and Nuclear Technologies
Methods of Leakage Control Cladding on Boiling Water Reactor VK-50
A. S. Kurskiy
222 - 227
Improvement of the Electromagnetic Situation in Networks of Operational Current on the Nuclear Power Plant for the Purpose of Ensuring Reliability of Monitoring Systems, Managements, Rza and the Communications, Realized on the Basis of Digital Equipment
O. V. Fomenko, E. S. Moloshnaya, J. E. Ulyanova
228 - 231
Cybernetics and Informatics
Genome-Specificity of Triplet Periodicity of Prokaryotic Genomes
Y. M. Suvorova, E. V. Korotkov
232 - 239
The Monitoring System of Cellular Base Stations and Its Efficiency
M. V. Berdnikov, E. F. Berezkin
240 - 245
Classification of Ways of Describing the Continuous Contours with No Branchings in Digital Images
D. A. Borisoglebsky
246 - 251
The Method for Converting Numbers Represented in a Positional Number System into the Residue Number System
A. A. Lyubomudrov, A. V. Zaitsev
252 - 253
Processing of Results of Regression Testing Software by a Method of the Associated Hashes
I. Yu. Nuraev, K. Ya. Kudryavtsev
254 - 256